Kim Kardashian's concealer line disappoints fans for lack of inclusivity: 'It's disrespectful'

Kim Kardashian's concealer line disappoints fans for lack of inclusivity: 'It's disrespectful'

After being blessed by Rihanna’s Fenty Beauty 40-shade foundation just a few months ago, people aren’t happy with the limited variety of shades offered in Kim Kardashian‘s latest KKW Beauty product. Because it’s offering only 16 shades — with the vast majority appearing to be for light skin tones — the internet was quick to call out Mrs. West for lacking inclusivity in her makeup line’s concealer kits. 

The media mogul took to her social media accounts to announce her new concealer line on Friday.  The product is set to hit virtual shelves on March 23 but already has disappointed her followers on Twitter and Instagram.

Some even suggested she should take notes from little sister and new mom Kylie Jenner — her line features 30 different shades.

The campaign for the concealer did include a refreshing variety of models of different sizes, ages and complexions.

But many questioned even if the models with dark skin were, in fact, using the product advertised.

Kardashian and KKW Beauty have yet to address the comments on social media, but she did share a photo of newborn Chicago West today.

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